About us

The Keset project came about with the hope that every young bar mitzvah with their families have the opportunity to transmit and impregnate all their positive energy and good thoughts within their tefillin at the time of their creation.
Now is the time to give your child this unique opportunity.

Rabbi Isaac Wahnon

kudsha director| The Kodesh vocational training school. Former Chief Rabbi of the Israelite Community of Malaga and expert in Tefillin

Rabbi Moshe Ovadia

Graduated with honors from the prestigious Safrut school of Yeshiva Kisé Rachamim in Bené Berak.
Expert in Safrut and Review of Kodesh articles.

Our supplier

Machon Haleviim is one of the most recognized in Israel and approved by the most important Rabbis of Israel as Rabbi Moshe Amar, Rabbi Moshe Tzadka, Rabbi Reuben Elbaz, Rabbi Shmuel Pinjasi, Rabbi Yaakov Shiknazi, and many more.

Machon Haleviim