What is the project about?

Upon acquiring the Keset Tefillin KIT, you will be scheduled for a private appointment with the professionals of Keset, where your child, along with their families, will perform each part of the process of creating their Tefillin which consists of: opening their batim (boxes), read and know their parashiot and also roll and wrap them to place them inside their batim, sew their Tefillin, seal and paint the base of their Tefillin, make the knots of the arm and head to suit them, polish their tefillin, make the knots with the Tzitziot to his Talit and of course… place them for the first time for a great family photo !!!

Kit box

The whole Set is presented in an exclusive and elegant box specially designed to place all parts of the Tefillin separately


Inside the box are the Batim. One for the head tefillin and one for the arm. The Batim are of exceptional quality and Mehudarot according to all opinions. There are special Batim for right and left handed. Also for Sepharadim and for Ashkenazim


The Parashiot of  the Tefillin are written by Sofrim specialists and Yiré Shamaim. With a very high level of Hidur and with a natural beauty. They come according to the custom of the Bar Mitzvah, Sefardi or Ashkenazi


The Retzuot are the straps with which the Tefillin knots are made. They are made of pure leather and are Mehadrin min Hamehadrin


The Tallit is from the Malchut Brand, with an exclusive texture that prevents it from slipping. We have white and light blue. sizes 50 or 60


To perform the Tallit you need the Petilim. For this we bring the Petilim of Mishkan Hatjelet, with a special thickness so that they are more resistant

Galim 2

The Set includes the option to choose between 15 exclusive models of best quality talit and tefillin bags. The sooner you decide, the more models you will have available

A practical and elegant Siddur in the Set to serve as a guide for the Bar Mitzvah.

Portable mirror to observe the correct placement of the Tefillin

USB disk to store the photos and videos in HD of the event that can be used for audiovisual editions that are made especially for the Bar Mitzvah boys

A private appointment for both the Bar Mitzvah boy and their families, so you have the unique opportunity to create your own Tefilin. All this in the presence of their relatives.

Kashrut guarantee certified


1600 USD